Vancouver Printing Company

Brand New Die-Cut Shapes

Explore your imagination, we've got 5 brand new pre-shape card style! Don't miss out!

8 New Products

We've added 8 new products in our Marketing & Large Format categories. Check them out!

What's New!

Commodity Juice coming soon to Vancouver!

One of our latest project, signage for Commodity Juicery. This is going to be yummy.

We Are Back!

What the heck happened?
A water heater pipe bursted and we got flooded.
There was about 3” of water collected.

How many floods?
We survived not “ONE”, not “TWO”,
but “THREE” floods in our unit.

We did we go?

We camped at our west broadway location.
We’re delighted to be back on our feet.

What's new?
We upgraded our machines.
We’ll be getting new house paper stock TBA.

Anything on sale?
12 pt Business cards and Regular Banners
are on sale until June 30th. Ask for details.

MIP Sponsors Livvy's Treats - For every doll's sweet tooth

We're happy to support Olivia in her PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs project on making sweets and treats for dolls. Check out Olivia's project

Yaletown store flooded

Due to a water heater pipe burst 2 days ago, our Yaletown location is currently camping out of our West Broadway location. We apologize for the convenience but our Yaletown phone line is still down. Please call 604-568-8852 to find Justine

MIP @ L for

L for Life has posted a great article about our upcoming #BringLoveHome Campaign with the #BCSPCA at the Vancouver Home+Design Show! Check it out!