Made In Print Sponsorship Program

Made In Print loves to give back to our communities! Call or email us if you are a non-profit organization, charity, church, or school. Let us know what you need and we will try our best to help sponsor your printed materials for your fundraising and promotional needs.

For more information contact us at

What is the Made In Print Sponsorship Program?
The Made In Print Sponsorship Program is a sponsorship program created by Through the Made In Print Sponsorship Program, Made In Print is able to reach out to nonprofit organizations. We offer printing sponsorships to offset costs and help in furthering these nonprofit organizations' goals.

What is not included in the sponsorship?
Sponsorship does NOT apply to shipping costs, mailing service fees and postage as well as design fees.

What does the Made In Print sponsorship include?
Sponsorship is applicable to the printing and finishing costs. All nonprofit organizations will enjoy a 10-15% discount on all orders with Made In Print. As a Made In Print partner, you will have a dedicated account manager to assist you with your print requirements on top of all the benefits Made In Print offers to all its customers: a simple, very easy-to-use interface, free proofing service, great customer service, and affordable quality printing.

What are the requirements?
Made In Print requires a copy of the sponsorship proposal submitted to Each of the sponsorship packages have corresponding values and requirements such as placement of Made In Print links on the website, a printing sponsor acknowledgment on printed materials, agreement to provide feedback and/or allowing Made In Print to write and post press releases about the sponsorship.

How long is the sponsorship period?
The sponsorship period is six months. A nonprofit organizations is then eligible to apply for another round of sponsorship.

What if our organization has a major print requirement within the 6 months sponsorship period?
We are always open to requests for additional sponsorships. Additional requests are subject to review and approval by the management. Send your proposal to

I'm a student in school. Can my student group get sponsorship?
Yes. Made In Print also works with educational institutions to provide sponsorships for official school events and campus organizations.